She likes to dress up as a police officer.

You don't stand a chance.


Tell her I said hello.


Victor sounds serious.

If it's all right with you, I'd appreciate your not bringing up the subject. We don't want to hear about it.

My father didn't say a word during dinner.

But, I'm going steady.

I see that he is an able man.


I hope Nou will be at the party.

Aimee and I live in the same house.

Land reform caused a great change in the lives of the people.

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I feel heavy in the head.


Teri was motivated.

She is close on sixty.

Clem just made some mistakes.

What do you want to do tonight?

I think we can make it.

Unfortunately, she lives abroad.

The police officers arrested the burglar.

Alf rolled the dice.

Diane doesn't have time to talk to you now.

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Keep the kids indoors.


It's from your family.

Whose is this book?

I'm not greedy.

Do you want to see my room?

The exercises are simple and effective.


My wife has given up all hope of convincing me to mow the lawn today.

Tad cares for you very much.

You are a waiter.

The next one's on me.

Mountain of happiness.

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Where are you taking her?

I wanna travel.

Don't let these snakes escape.

Claudia isn't bad-looking.

When I got home, I was very tired.

Hunter was taken to jail.

I'm calling from Gary's house.

To own a library is one thing and to use it is another.

Where is the cake with raisins?


Some people say that traveling by plane is rather economical.


We have an emergency.

I'm an expert at programming.

Go get some tools.

I have cookies for breakfast every day.

Carsten wanted to be the best.

The legendary footballer Diego Armando Maradona is from Argentina.

Elsa has a son.

This child is likely lashing out because his father went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

College is now free in Germany.


Your movements were unaccountable.

Don't you think that's a bit odd?

As soon as you see the notice, please pass it along.

The English are a taciturn people.

How often do you feel this pain or complaint each day?


Wolfgang is such a snob.

She is wearing a hat.

That accounts for why the door was open.

Please give my kind regards to your parents.

Please don't interrupt me when I am speaking.

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I hope to go to Canada next year.

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She will hide it.

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Give your seat to the old man.

I don't want this.

They just have immense faith in each other which makes their relationship perfect.

Well, at least let me set the table.

She couldn't convince him to ask for a loan.


I should've foreseen this.

On the way home we stopped at a farm to look at the newly-born foals and calves.

I'd like to take a short break.

No sooner had I done so than it began to rain.

I'll give her that.

They have enough capital to establish another factory.

I don't hate Russell exactly.

We'll speak to Jinny later.

We'll accept your conditions.

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You can talk to Laurel, right?

The children received shoes for Christmas.

I assumed we'd all do this together.


He filed a complaint.

Kari's hands are always well-manicured.

We were younger then.


Don't talk to them now.


Don't stick your hands where they don't belong!

Just remember that.

Who did Maurice marry?

Please move this stone from here to there.

He fell and hurt his tailbone.


I'm not sure why I even have a Facebook.

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This river is polluted with factory waste.

Well, it's all come out in the wash.

James carried both suitcases.


I allow for the unexpected.

Ahmed never does anything for anybody, except for himself.

This is because their jobs are secure.

What do you think Antony's shoe size is?

I used to be thin when I was young.


Why don't we do some fishing?

I'm just here to say hi to Elwood.

It sure is cold.

Wolfgang makes a living as a salesman.

Lester didn't even have time to eat a quick lunch.

"This is the first time I've ever clawed my owner", said the cat.

If I hadn't seen the way they kissed, I'd have thought they couldn't stand each other.

Vijay walked into the bathroom.

I think I've had a little too much to drink.

It comes as two courses.

Shane listened to the radio all day.

We have to learn the whole poem by heart.

Do you really want to know if Plastic likes you?

There is much truth in what you say.

Who could have been found better in action than this man?

We made that soy sauce as a project in industrial microbiology.

The last dart he threw, bounced off the board.

He seems to be in good health.

I'm sitting here.

List works in archeology.

The heat was unbearable.

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She put salt into her coffee by mistake.

What happened that made you want to stay?

He got wrecked, girl!


I might be drunk, but I'm not crazy.


You should think about your future.

Could you all please just go home?

It's not good to stay up late at night.

The government of the United States put down the biggest terrorist.

Spike knows what happened here yesterday afternoon.

Carlos is a gruff man.

The question was followed by another question.


I'm going to Paris in the fall.


If you don't do that, you will be a dead man.

Take the bags upstairs.

I hope Lea will like what you made for him.

Pitawas doesn't want to move.

I'm bored.

I just can't wait.

Pantelis is excited.

Something must be done immediately to deal with this problem.

They need not do it at once.

It looks good on paper.

One of the advantages of living in a democracy is that one is permitted to say whatever he thinks.

He has been suffering from a bad cold. She is very anxious about his health.

I have lost the key.


The city is on the eastern bank of the Hudson.


Clare's got it all written down somewhere.

The fire was burning brightly.

What do you think I told them?


The pupils disobeyed their teacher.

We want to congratulate them on their good work.

It is difficult to satisfy everyone.

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I agreed to help them.

Sorry, can you repeat your name?

My father and my older brother work in this factory.

He wrote out a thorough report.

This is tofu.

Go back to your work.

She picked up conjunctivitis at the swimming pool.

It just happens.

We're very similar.

We used to play together.

I have to sweep my room.

Why do you do this?

I want to run.

I can't believe Elisabeth still uses it.

"Please forgive my intrusion, but this is something that you're going to want to hear."