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Martha was as nervous as Curtis was.


Pamela sat in the bean bag chair.

He is better off than he was ten years ago.

Why do you think Darci doesn't like it?

We're conservative.

This guy's tough.

Dan's vehicle apparently got stuck.

Mr Smith is accused of breach of contract.

Nils couldn't find a good place to hide the key.

Silk feels soft.


The train will probably arrive at the station before noon.

Size does matter.

Can you hear that?

How long will we remain in Beijing?

No one comes to visit me anymore.

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I thought he was my brother.

He has a grip of steel.

I look for all the world like an athlete in this outfit, but the truth is I don't do any sports at all.

You're not safe there.

I formulated it wrongly.


I do not know the woman talking to our teacher.


Lou will help us.

If that washing machine goes wrong again, I shall complain to the manufacturer.

Would you come with us?

I'll have them go right away.

Why are you so scared? It's just a movie.

I'm so happy for you both.

Do you still have feelings for Cynthia?

I have to stop worrying.

We danced to the music.

I don't know if there was a piece of paper in the box.

You look fine.

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Beckie seems to hardly ever get his homework done on time.

That must be the city hall.

She extended a warm welcome to them.


I wasn't looking.


I've never seen Metin so disappointed.

Plunge the lobsters headfirst into a pot of boiling water.

His lie got him into trouble when his boss discovered the truth.


Explorers looked for shortcuts in space-time to meander serendipitously through the universe.

I didn't know you were a doctor.

Who wears the sunglasses?

I think I should check on Pierre.

Have you ever fired a worker?


I started so I'll finish.

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Certainly, my knowledge of French is limited.

If I understood you right you want to break up with me!

We are entering a vicious circle.


Even the merest little thing irritated him.


That's childish.

I don't wanna be her friend.

She gave birth to twins.

Did she ask you to spy on me?

I could neither see nor hear the speaker.

You've got to study harder.

A hundred billion castaways are looking for a home.

This speed is insane.

He skins the fish.


I seem to have caught a bad cold.

The mother pulled her son to his feet.

I'll keep it for Kusum.

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Sjaak was mortally wounded.

Wade looked up into Marshall's face.

Although I can't speak the Shanghaiese dialect, I can speak Chinese.

Roderick could do it.

See to it that the door is locked before you leave.

She's so stubborn. I bet if she ever gets reincarnated, she'd be a bacteria capable of living in empty space.

This is a hazard to your health.

I don't understand what you're saying.

He was barred from entering this restaurant.


You brought yours, didn't you?

Jean lives in North Carolina.

Something is odd here.

Jingbai is kneeling.

Pascal will be bored stiff.

For a start, I visited Jerusalem - a sacred place for three major religions.

I told her I was coming.

Chip doesn't want to discourage Linder.

I just wanted to help.

At my sister's.

I'm not very good with children.


Guillermo tried to open the door, but couldn't.

I pumped up the tire.

I have to get my teeth fixed.

Even the mayor breathes dioxin.

Mr Brown has a magical way with children.

Kamiya wouldn't allow me in his office.

Just give me one minute.

Have you written down the phone number?

Becky stood up again.

If you go around flinging mud, some of it will stick to you.

They have no children, to the best of my knowledge.

Blake needs to learn more about that problem.

It's a great little car.

You didn't seem certain.

Shape up or ship out!

Starbuck is a beekeeper.

He failed to do what he said he would do.

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I got a lot to say.

What is all this stuff?

I'm still busy.


Don't forget to write the zip code.

I'm not going to complain.

A child should honor and respect his parents at every age.

She has gone out.

This road will take you to the museum.

It was unpardonable.

He left the door open.


I haven't seen him for about three years.

Leif is a personal enemy of mine.

Don't try to make me angry.

Trey didn't know who Mann thought was going to win the race.

There is no satisfactory answer a parent can give to this.


We are all alike, on the inside.

We're going out.

The pupils burst out laughing.

I would understand if you cannot talk about it.

Are they in the gym?

The bell rang, and the train began to move.

The rota for the next week had not been released yet.

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I want to go to Kyoto.

It's as though I'm an adult.

We live in a wonderful period.

Stop feeding me wormy fruit.

Grab it, Ilya.

A retail merchant buys wholesale and sells retail.

I did not know that she has a child.

Every time you read a book, you will be the better for it.

The whole town was in a ferment.

I need to sleep now.

Allen always tries to blame someone else for his failures.

Is there a way on how I could access my inbox from this cellphone?

Thierry became more and more handsome as he grew older.


She's just a babe in the woods.

They don't like cats.

I hate cooking, and you?

Do you sometimes drink red wine with fish?

Kamiya's very proud of what he's been able to accomplish.

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They marched in support of the government.


What's your favorite girl's name?

She always forgets my telephone number.

I know Jacques is hiding something from me.

I gave Glynn your address.

That's awesome.

I really want to be a good teacher.

Her action deserves respect.

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A hundred decades make a millennium.

Germany was allied with Italy in World War II.

Jeffie stayed in Boston for three year.

You know me better than you realize.

I will not forget you.


Both parties took a step towards a solution.

Math was never my strength.

My zipper stuck halfway up.


I don't have a guilty conscience.

We'll be together soon.

I'm going to stay here and see if I can help.

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He is said to have made a fortune in oil.


Investigating the causes of cancer is very expensive.

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We'll be eating in the conference room today.

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Germany has no minimum wage.

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I have as many books as he does.

You don't think I have anything better to do in life?

I'm just upset about being in the hospital and I'm on some weird meds, but they must be working, because I'm feeling a lot better now.


It is hardly raining.