Matthias has told me what I need to know.

I enjoy intellectual conversations.

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Did he fail again?

Liyuan squatted down to put something on the lower shelf.

Frank and his wife adopted three children.

Are you sure this is absolutely necessary?

Put some grease on the wheel. It squeaks.

This is the reason why I didn't come yesterday.

Hi, how are you, my dear friend?

The yacht sailed before the wind.

How long is the Golden Gate Bridge?

None of the students could solve the problem.

I would like to speak English fluently.

Study hard so that you can pass the exam.

The sun sets earlier in winter.

Sue lowered himself into the chair.

The light turned red.

Did you know this already?

You're pretty busy.


Korean food is generally very spicy.

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What time does Flight 123 from Tokyo arrive?

Have you tried the chicken?

Maria talked and talked - her mouth would not stay still.

We'll make sure we do that.

Myrick woke up with a terrible headache.

What's your favorite summer sport?

You should take a canteen full of water with you.

Sandeep watched Klaudia drive away and then got in his own car.

No one suspected Donna.

How much more of this do you think you can take?

How often do you hang out with Roderick?

I'm not good at carpentry.

She was very down because of the exam result.

When was the last time you worked with Norbert?

They refused to think of leaving.

It may rain before long.

You'd better make sure that it is true.

Einstein is a very smart parrot.

The doctor receives his patients between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.


A swan is gliding toward the reeds.

Who do you think would be the best person for the job?

Tell him I said hi.

So what were we talking about?

Catherine cut himself with a knife this morning.

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Both sisters are very beautiful.

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Even though its raining, I went out.

You don't understand. He'll kill you.

Sanjay wants to compete again.

I'm not allowed to be here by myself after dark.

Sleeping is certainly the best waste of time.

William can barely keep it together.

I don't want you working here.


She needs help.

He died of old age two years ago.

Don't tell Francis I said that.

You wouldn't stand a chance.

A beam of white light is split by a prism into rays of various colors.

I leave for Boston tomorrow at 2:30.

It's better than the original.

You chose a good one.

We walked ten miles that day.

I used to be a landlord.

Ralf was very sensitive.


The authorities are striving in vain to stabilize the currency.

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Man is so made that when anything fires his soul Impossibilities vanish!

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Why does Bjorne do it?


You might see her there.


Nanda took off his glasses and wiped his eyes.

Is this baby a boy or a girl?

I can see it in your eyes.

This picture always reminds me of my hometown.

I'm glad that's settled.


I think it's better if we get divorced.

Maria has got to be in this building somewhere.

Ninja didn't know that Roman had decided to quit her job.


You're German, aren't you?


Why would you want to remember that?

A beautiful valley lies behind the hill.

I like rice.

Sehyo is unstoppable.

I think this might interest you.

I'd just like to ask Herman a few more questions.

You better avoid Rich today. He got up on the wrong side of bed this morning.


I had the same version.

You're a cruel man.

Mathematics is the language of the universe.

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I'm good at skating.

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You could've told me that before.

Major burned his clothes.

How many barbers work in that barbershop?

I saw you flirting with Anne.

We have been waiting for hours for you to arrive.

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The point about enclosure is that the configuration of ethnic groups must be clearly described.

You've got till noon.

Do you really expect me to believe that?

Where would you like to meet?

I can't deal with his arrogance.

We'll need to leave soon.

I am going to visit the art exhibition one of these days.

My watch isn't running right.

Better dead than red.


Now that you are in Italy, you must see Naples.

George is interested in politics.

We need tools.

Yeah, I felt bad when we broke up, but I don't lose any sleep over it.

Should he be given another chance, he would do his best.

There's a man at the door who wants to see you at all costs.

You have to call them.

You didn't look.

Do you drink tea or coffee?


Geoffrey asked Mohammad to say a few words.


It's very late, so I should already be in bed.


We are candid.

I know what you look like.

It took two years to make.

Let us know whether you can come.

The heat was responsible for the meat going bad.


It's great to see so many people enjoying themselves.


This woman is blind.


Are you sure he doesn't have a girlfriend?


She was wounded by a shot in the leg.

How slow you are!

It was so still that you would have heard a pin drop.

Do you guys need a lift?

We are counting on spending two weeks in the Alps.


Let me talk to her first.

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Many people only speaks one language.


Hwa tentatively opened the door.


What was the final score in today's game?


The news caused a great sensation.

The foreigner didn't know Japanese at all.

We need to keep bacteria out of food.

I swiped Tor's pencil.

Congress asked for more information.

The problem tortured the chief.

The patient was lying in the bed with her eyes closed.

I won't let this happen.

You should probably tell Hughes when he needs to be here.

The bank promised us that our money would be safe.

The seaside resort was so touristy that it actually stood up and walked to Vegas.


I don't think my gift meant very much to Mongo.

The students have an excellent gym at their disposal.

Brendan said the FBI was looking for me.

In truth, this has no gravity.

It cannot be true.

Spelling is writing or saying, in the correct sequence, the letters that make up a word.

Thanks for the updates.

Gene says that he's in love with Aimee.

The salesman made some exaggerated claims in order to sell his product.

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He is by no means stupid.


Where did that injury on your foot come from?

Owen doesn't read many books.

How was your day?

Why should you care?

He believes in life after death.


Don't leave valuables in your car.

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Finish this.

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This is my horse.


The Bharatiya Janata Party is an organization.

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Everyone played well in today's game.