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Welcome to AX84® the base camp for tube (valve) electronics hobbyists.

AX84 exists to provide:

1) A great environment to learn about music-related electronics in general. AX84 is a place where those with experience are interested in helping diligent beginners who are willing to do their homework.

2) A place where those with more experience can field their ideas to peers and get useful feedback.

3) An environment that respects the past, but is not enslaved by it. INNOVATION IS GOOD (and it didn't die in the 1950s.) There are new things under the sun every day. Move the ball forward!

Our HUGE discussion area is under 'Discussion Forum' to your left.

We are hard at work improving the site- check back often!

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"ECC88 Cascode Merlin Quick Method"
Posted By Jonno White on 11/16/2018

I'm thinking of using an ECC88 in cascode configuration as an input stage? I was wondering if this would be a good way to reduce noise providing the power supply was adequately filtered?


"Ibanez tsa 15h conversion to TW"
Posted By Audiosalvage on 11/14/2018
Greetings, I was wondering if using the exsisting Iron and components from an Ibanez tsa 6v6 amp to build a trainwreck amp? The schematic is found in this page: (407) 931-7035

(817) 908-3699
"p1Ex Tone"
Posted By slackjaw on 11/08/2018
How strong is the effect of the 100pf cap on the volume pot?

"Speaker Cover"
Posted By Denny Allen on 11/08/2018
I have a question about a Radio Shack speaker cover on a guitar speaker. Because I want to include some pictures I have ask the complete question on this (215) 816-6623

"1-12 Speaker Cabinet Orange Tolex"
Posted By Audiosalvage on 11/08/2018
I have for sale a 1-12 empty speaker cab with all hardware, handle and feet ready for your speaker, covered in orange tolex. $85 + shipping. Inquire here and I will send you pics and answer all quest...

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AX84 is staying put right here for the foreseeable future!

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