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I'd like you to wait in the lobby with Jean-Christophe.

Harold couldn't go to Boston with us because he didn't have enough money.

Mrs. Roland, what do you think of this problem?

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He bought a number of books at the bookstore.


Please don't walk so fast. I can't keep pace with you.


I don't see anything there.


That's obvious.

Darrell had his wisdom teeth taken out by a twenty-four year old dentist.

That guy is batshit crazy.

I'm married to him.

Why won't Sabrina come back?

Beth shot the dog that attacked Edward.

Where do you shop?

I've seen this happen once or twice.

Have you seen the news? Horrible stuff has been happening.

He finished breakfast.

Her words were completely meaningless.

In spite of the depression, the prices of commodities are still high.

It's not an either/or matter.

Vassos forgave Collin for killing his dog.

Do you prefer it when TV shows are subtitled or dubbed?


Many people worry about paying their bills.

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Don't look at them. Look at me.

It is less muggy today than it was yesterday.

Make some hot tea for yourself.

Juergen gave Laurianne half of the apple.

They may have hostages.

I'm beginning to see why you like this game so much.

It seems that he likes his present job.


I drove downtown to meet her.

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We're not going anywhere.

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We don't know the answer yet.

She talked him into accepting the bribe.

I know that the opposition member might be wrong.

I tried to get her to stop.

May I have another brochure?

What happened to the boat?

Aaron opened the door for Sehyo.


It is kind of her to help me.


You might have injured someone else, and that is my business.


Most toothpastes contain fluoride.

There are only food supplements in that mayonnaise!

The firm has a great deal of trust in your ability.

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He deposited the prize money in the bank.

Bea thinks your ideas are stupid.

She thought of a solution.


I've lost my pen.

Stand up, Ssi.

There's something I need you to do.

Sabrina is still listening.

Maria works in the field of psychiatry.

You can't rely on what was said before an election really mattering after the election.

There were 30 witnesses.


The human mind is magnificent.

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This flower is more beautiful than that rose.


The political campaign has turned into a dirty fight at last.

Don't you feel cold?

Do not venture to come out of your homes.


Stanly put some sugar and milk in his tea.


Can you really learn a language in a month?

I've had black rice congee thrice in one day!

I'll see this doesn't happen again.

No vital organs were damaged.

I need to go there.

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Helen and Maria sweat, seated in a sauna.

What's your favorite type of seafood?

Francis, is this yours?

Tracey has no reason to hide.

Her voluptuous body attracted me.

The five-legged lizard had its tail cut off.

How can we tell?

Hui always seems to know what to do.

Pratt is no longer working.

Pedro finally mustered up the courage to ask Chris to lend him the money he needed.

Dannie has to come to school tomorrow.

Have you offered to help your teacher?

I'm off work tomorrow.

I heard a song called "Apologize" on the radio.

In another six months you will be able to speak German fluently.

Can it be true?

One day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.


Figuring a way to make a dollar comes ahead of thinking about how to do the job better.

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I will devote myself to studying for the entrance exams.

If he should arrive late, you may start the conference without him.

You can't make us stop.


Don't let them frighten you.

Anybody have a match?

I have very little time at my disposal.

Nobody answered the door.

Cars go through the tunnel.

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Wade was relieved.

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Have you ever kissed any of them?


I want your help about business.

The investigations began last year with the confiscation of computer files belonging to a man from Magdeburg, Germany.

I came near to being drowned.


I'm not lucky.

Pradeep's friend is getting married in Boston.

Next year she will be 17.

Have they cleared the road yet?

I will get even with you some day. Remember it.

I am a socialist.

Shall I carry your baggage?

Al said she wanted to marry me.

The American Civil War is the main theme of the book.

Dani and Briggs often help each other.

Is Jean-Pierre planning to be at today's meeting?

I will trust you with one secret.

I had a crush on him at the time.

Don't try to talk.

I should never have married Milo.


Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty in 1271.

They may even ask if you are all right or if there is something they can help you with.

About thirty people have registered.

He made up his mind not to return to his native country.

This is serious indeed.


Can you tell us what happened next?

Did you see the way he was looking at you?

It is especially difficult for people like me.


Deirdre is a strong young man.

He timed her in the marathon race.

You are embarrassing.

You must keep quiet for a few days.

You used to live in Boston, didn't you?

You got that one going in a good direction.

I'm sorry, we don't have films for your camera.


Please call me at your earliest convenience.

I go to a driving school.

The shepherd always tries to persuade his flock that its interests and his own are one and the same.

That's such a cute cat.

Srinivas just barely managed to earn enough money to pay the rent.

The truck just missed hitting the boy in the street.

We must always be prepared against disasters

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Linda is fixing her hair.


Come what may, I am determined to accomplish it.


Marion is still waiting for you.

Maybe you can get Pilot to tell you where Jinny is.

This is the first time I've yelled at Francois.


Let me go talk to him.

My sunburn hurts.

Whatcha doin' Friday?


The free market system is endangered.


I can't protect him.

Come on, it'll be all right.

They are talking in the kitchen.

The new law was enforced on the people of the island.

Did I touch a nerve?

Lisa, this is Mr Murata. He's my boss.

This is about you, isn't it?

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My head doesn't ache anymore.


That was my finger.

I think she is happy.

Don't be proud that you have such a habit.


Everyone is so mean to me.

Replay the last 10 seconds.

Antonio is just a child.

Tell her in person.

These are graded on a hundred-point scale.

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I was so worried.