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Lucy, an aristocratic, becomes a victim of Dracula.

How many ways can you say 'creative'?

Why don't you leave him then?

The house fell down a week later.

Hiroyuki can play tennis very well.

It's not all that bad.

I spoke to the boy who seemed to be the oldest.

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I know Kamel well.

This isn't a good place to pitch a tent.

I know that.

I've shopped here for ages.

Kory said I should just walk away.


Kees never came out of his coma.

There are lots of hardships in our life.

Jason is approximately six feet tall.


Owen became quite wealthy.

It grieves me to see that little orphan.

Joe is concerned about his safety.

I cannot call Taninna names. I respect her.

We are busy people.

He doesn't see a joke.

Does that frighten you?


Julia is on TV.

He only knew German.

I don't think Cliff is home.

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He has two cars.


Will you express this letter?

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We'll get there.


We situated ourselves in the seats nearest the exit.


Erick and Nicolo weren't injured.

That's a bad name for a ship.

I need more examples to know how this word is used.

I wish you'd mentioned this before.

Joseph made a deal.


Mars was a desert for many centuries of human colonization until terraforming was developed.

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You have a thing for Johann, don't you?

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The facts are incompatible with your hypothesis.

I can't talk to anyone else.

Use bullet points.

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Well, I have to be going.


This is where I live.

The queen saw something black on the sea, which seemed to be coming nearer.

Would you like to dance?


Did that accident really happen last year?

I'll stop by the post office on the way home.

Adlai is rational, isn't he?

I let him buy it for me.

This book is quite above me.

Boil the water and pour it on the tea.

She will be seventeen years old next February.

Lindsey lent me thirty dollars.

The hare is bleeding from its ear.

I'll check my schedule.

They make a perfect couple.

A small group of men appeared at the corner.

Fall from reality.


I bought a pair of boots.


This place would fall apart without Merat.

I've lived here for three years.

I wonder if Stuart has ever slept on a park bench.


I saw Jarl in my dreams.

Will you join for me breakfast?

List won't let us in.

Do you have a Facebook account?

Les drove through the narrow tunnel at high speed.

I never thought of that before.

I go to work every day.

She had her husband drive the children to their homes.

He teaches English grammar at a high school.

I wish we had more people like Omar working for us.

I'm healthy.

Please don't tell Mom.

I'm very serious about wanting to be a good magician.

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At the age of 77 his lungs were affected by years of smoking.

Olivier walks in a strange way.

His wooden instruments were primitive even for his time.

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And while she's no longer with us, I know my grandmother's watching, along with the family that made me who I am.

Miles gave Herb a bad time yesterday.

Sridhar bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.

Leslie was a good guy.

Steen wants to go to the beach with us.


They spent the night on the beach.

I've never told anyone this before.

The public at large are dissatisfied with the present government.

"I wonder if it's stopped raining." "I hope so."

What's all that supposed to mean?

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Randall almost never calls Marcel.

A poor school record will count against you when you look for a job.

Timothy has finally done what we asked him to do.


This is what I love.


Dan is a good friend of Marie.

Have you already met Mr Smith?

I ineffectively tried to win her heart back.

Ritalynne is no more hardworking than Bill is.

I can take a picture with my phone if you want.

I love it here.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I'm willing to go anywhere you go.

Stay inside until I give the word.

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He let her go.


Did Marci say something?

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Wait'll you hear what happened today.

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Charcoal drawing is easier than oil painting, but both are harder than I thought.

I'm not the owner.

The structure of the brain is complicated.

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It snowed for three days.

It came out of nowhere.

It was last week that John bought a car.

I said he might go.

I would like to tell you something.

Smoking will do you a lot of harm.

I have no money with me now.

You can't be a woman.

When it comes to my supervisor, he's very inconsistent, so we never get any work done.


Nothing is like it used to be.

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Come here this minute.

His name is known to me.

I'm convinced Tarmi had nothing to do with what happened.

Pamela was obviously tired.

Does Hugh have any medical problems?

Let's take him with us.

Takayuki was watching what was happening very carefully.

His martial arts prowess has already reached a level of sublime perfection.

Let's be frank.


This candy cane tastes like green apple.

I was dreaming about him.

Sergei Korolev died in 1966.

Is that why you won't help us?

Edinburgh already offers a busy and traditional city experience, with many historic buildings and tourist attractions.

Have you tried Japanese beer?

Mikey learned about Erwin's death on the evening news.

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He is a man of striking individuality.

Queen Liliuokalani was forced to surrender.

Jingbai didn't know which way to turn.

I went up to the roof by means of a ladder.

Swamy asked me to do it for him.


Manolis put a towel on Charlie's forehead.

What exactly is it that you want me to say?

Judith was made redundant.

I'm not here to fight.

She sang a song.


Next period I take an exam in German.

The cows were moving very slowly through the long green grass.

Juergen and I have taken a lot of trips together.


Even if she doesn't like you, you still have to finish the work.

Let me talk to him.

David has just published a new book on philosophy.

The index rose to a seasonally adjusted 120.5.

I hate places like Boston, Chicago, etc.

It is time to go for an excursion.

In case the shipment is delayed, we have special delay insurance.


That's not for Matthieu.

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I doubt if sanctions will work.

Panzer is bad at sports.

I prefer to die.

I found the food too greasy.

Where can I develop these photos?


That was very difficult.

Tony has a good reason for being absent today.

I'm happy Jussi managed to change his name.