She used to keep a diary, but she no longer does.

I want to drink a Guinness right now.


I fell in love at the first glance.

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She needed 10.5 liters of nitric acid for the experiment.

How did Judge feel about that?

Do you really believe I killed my brother?

I did exactly what you told me to do.

The truth is in front of her face.

Is death the only possible exemption?

The Democrats bought space on commercial television for the campaign.

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The hard rain spoiled our hike through the woods.

The man is driving a car.

I'm at your mercy.

That's not what you told me yesterday.

All right, let's play some ball.

Rees saw something he wasn't supposed to see.

The boys worked hard.


Where did Daddy go?

We're attempting a rescue operation.

Why can't Clara stay here?


We went down the river in a small boat.


Be very quiet.

Francois has no idea how to answer Cristi's questions.

You'd better do what they ask you to do.

I made the last bus by a few seconds.

This is the only book I have.

I asked how Toerless was.

Kyung had nothing left to eat.


The woman is ready.

The talented young chess player is very bold. He deliberately lays himself open to attack, makes himself vulnerable and then checkmates his opponent when least expected.

Have you still not finished paying for my bike?

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Can't you drive a little more slowly?


His classmates laughed at him at once.


I'll go out and buy one as soon as I can.

Photography is an expensive hobby.

I have reason to assume that it's not true.


I know what's going to happen tomorrow morning.

He is a good writer.

Whoever you vote for, prices will go on rising.

You should have refused his offer.

Please don't force me to do this.

I'll never forget what you did.

The antagonist is simultaneously a strawman for everything the author hates and the most likeable character by several orders of magnitude.


Do you want to go out and get something to drink?

I assure you that won't be necessary.

He is in the kitchen.

He considered his options carefully before deciding.

I don't need fake friends.

They got in line.

The faint halitus of freshly shed blood was in the air.

Collin is always too sleepy for sex.

Donn put his shirt on backwards.

I see you've got a new hat.

It was only when I met him that I realized his true intention.


We were all surprised at the effect the news had on him.

This is an epic story.

I don't remember it that way.

She is much afraid of dogs.

I had to do everything alone.


Hello, this is Mike.

Melanie is busy right now

Her skin is smooth.

You can rely on his proven ability.

It was watery soup spiced with pepper and rancid oil.

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Give her a moment.

What can we possibly give them?

It'll be a surprise!

He had a prejudice against women drivers.

We're being paid by the hour.

The caterpillars ate the cabbage.

Are you homesick?

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Yes, I am very scared of it.


Colin expected Torsten to be at his party.

Tareq liked that.

Did you question her?

Are you afraid of me?

Leads ordered the cheapest item on the menu.

Now this is John's testimony, when the Jews of Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him who he was.

I was being serious.

Jose is going to study French next year.

Have you ever failed an exam?

He read the entire Old Testament in one year.

Pitawas is a good competitor.

I come here every year.

After months of looking, Suzanne purchased a new dress.

The girl who works at that bakery is cute.

As strange as it may sound, what Mat said is what really happened.


Denis went to the window to get a better look at what was happening.

The station was deserted.

Svante waited for Tarmi, but she didn't come.

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We caught him trying to go out of his room.

We won't have much time.

How many are you?

Why didn't you show up at the party last night?

Somebody's got to tell Gideon what to do.

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We've got to warn Christie about that.

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David's hair is growing.

I feel it's something I can do.

It just doesn't seem likely.

They cut out a path through thick jungle.

I like long weekends.

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I want to thank you for what you've done.

Are you young?

He made a voluntary contribution to the school.

It was just a kiss.

I take it you two know each other.


We must put our differences aside and band together.

This book belongs to her.

Don't you have anything to do?

I made you feel uncomfortable, didn't I?

You've been selected.


Nick can run much faster than I can.


I don't know why the meeting was postponed.

At the same time, they allowed themselves to be duped and led in circles by a structure of politicians and bureaucrats.

We ought to look the world straight in the face.

Do you have your guitar with you?

gradual changes take place in our city every year

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I made myself a sandwich.

To tell a lie is wrong.

Peggy wasn't in his room this morning.

Do you have one-day tours?

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

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She opened a window.

Whether the problem is important or unimportant, you must solve it.

If for some reason that should happen, what would you do?

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The only thing that really matters is whether or not you are happy.

Do you have to dress up every day for work?

I think Bjorne will swim.

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I've been thinking about what we need to do.


It was just an experiment.

Are you sure you have enough time to eat?

All I want for Christmas is a new tattoo.


These potato chips are good enough to make you want more.

I came to Tokyo three years ago and I've been living here since.

I'll let you speak to Ssi.

Jeannie will live.

The mid-term exams are just around the corner.

Your fingerprints were on the gun.

The calf should be separated from its mother.

It wasn't you, was it?

The discussions were long and sometimes bitter.

Who is that guy?

The cat ruined my sofa.

I should be done in an hour.

The cloning of human embryos is prohibited by law.

Let's get ready for school.

Izzy came into the restaurant and sat at his usual table.

I think you should eat a ham sandwich.

I hardly ever need help.


I lost no time in visiting my aunt in the hospital yesterday.

I think we should break up.

She'll drop you off at the airport.


I'm beginning to hate her.


I got acquainted with him three years ago.

He is a good loser.

Whose pizza is that?


Some day you will regret this.

The Old Prussian language revival began in the early 80's.

Gary doesn't know whether to accept or to refuse Leigh's offer.

The English of this composition is too good.

Frederic can drive a car now.

A day full of sunshine and a heart full of wishes...

Shawn said he didn't intend to stay.


Brandon eats out almost every evening.