I wonder why Kay is so hungry.

My new girlfriend is Chinese.

Brandon is a conspiracy nut.

It shouldn't be too difficult to do that.

That will save me the trouble of writing to him.

I don't know when Darci left.

Listen to the facts relative to the issue.

We have talked about them.

I had words with the manager of that store, because he refused to refund my money for the TV set that wasn't operating properly.

How can this be accomplished?

You should always wash your hands before meals.


We need to pay our rent by the end of the month.


We are liable to be lazy.

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This blackboard is not black, but green.

Are you a bachelor?

This sentence isn't written clearly.

Kriton woke up in the middle of the night and ate an entire bag of cookies.

Raif swept Cory off her feet.

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A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.

Americans are all ears when people say something.

There's a place I'd like to show you.

These plums are ripe.

I looked at her full of amazement and admiration. After a while she hissed "Don't stand there gawking!"


Novels aren't being read as much as they were in the past.

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Clare slumped on the couch.

I told Root not to date Syed.

He made it known to his friends that he was unwilling to run for the election.


I don't think we can trust the polls to tell us what the general populace thinks about the candidates.

His father calls him Alejandro.

I know you think highly of her.

Edwin offered to drive Johann home after work.

That request was denied.

King wouldn't say anything to me.

Hal died trying to rescue Joachim.

I don't think it was a mistake.

He picked up the phone.


Would you please help?

Srinivasan fastened the locket around her neck.

Maybe you'd like to meet her.


You had a nosebleed.


Why don't you hang around a while after everyone else leaves so we can talk?


Come at me, you pussy motherfuckers!

He sells cars.

That taught me not to annoy other people.


Don said he would come to the party.

Tarmi might talk to you.

I saw the children walk across the street.

It's far-fetched.

I have no choice but to leave.

Declaring war after a surprise attack is to be expected, but killing over ten thousand non-combatants with a bomb is something unheard of.

I don't know what to do with this.

Do you really want to make some money?

What'll Graeme do when he gets to Boston?


The airplane went into a spin.

He came to Japan when he was a boy.

I was impatient for the game to start.

Angela raised his son without any help.

Call me if you need my help.

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Ralf banged his head on a tree branch.

Many people, even ones who generally like sex, find fetishes repulsive.

How can I remove the spots of blood from the shirt?

When does the game start?

I like music. Do you like music?

Since I had suffered from hay fever for many years, this medicine was truly like a salvation.

Ramon said he didn't care about Elwood's past even though he really did.

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My car is parked in the alley.


Maybe there's a loophole.


Spock is good at gymnastics.

I can't believe I did this.

They're leaving.

Can you swim across?

Today there is no risk of rain.

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The "tricolor" isn't the only tricolor flag in the world.

We're friends.

To my surprise, she spoke English very well.

Pipe down!

This tree is too young to bear fruit.

I'm sure Hein will turn up eventually.

A debtor of my debtor is not a debtor of mine.

Thanks for your help on this one.

The news surprised him as much as it did me.


The figure will be astronomical.


We all know how to speak French.


I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

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I burp a lot.


Puppets work with wires.

It is not just to prefer strength to good wisdom.

Performance and responsibility are not in their vocabulary; sloppiness comes as standard.

I am not a monster.

I couldn't make it stop.

Has anyone talked to Brent?

Basho was the greatest poet.

She speaks clearly to be easily understood.

Jeanette is helping me.

I'm a little old fashioned, you know.

I didn't know that about Raphael.

I love bread.

It took me several hours to sew it.


Sekar has a nice personality.


Have you decided where we are having lunch?

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He wavered between going home and remaining at work in the office.


I can't bear the thought of being away from you.

She's the French ambassador to Portugal.

These products are of the same quality.

We need it badly.

No one should be a judge in his own cause.


Call us toll-free at 1-800-446-2581.


Are we safe?


Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables.

I will lend you whatever book you need.

Aren't they wonderful?

If you want to set the rules, you'll have to follow them by yourself.

Thousands of people went to the beach to see the dolphin.

I'm going to wait for them.

Amos began to suspect something wasn't quite right.


Is Louiqa still out in the cold?

The dangers are obvious.

This plant is toxic to cats.

I faxed a map to her.

I will call on him with some cake and flowers.

Jerald was sitting next to me.

Did you know Johnny lived in Boston?

You say he is a workaholic, but you know there are some people who feel happiest when they're working.

Let's play twenty questions.

Please be gentle.

Elliott is lucky, isn't he?


The criminal was sent to the gallows.


Adlai didn't have a choice.

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I don't play the bassoon as much as I used to.

Something is wrong with the brakes.

Emily lent me her book. I'll bring it back to her later.

Do you like spicy food?

The homework is due next week.

This postcard is from Australia.

It was kind of her to show me the way to the station.


I stayed at home all day instead of going to work.

We don't have time.

Do you think you can do better?

I don't have any books in my room.

The milk boiled over.

Linguists' help needed.

You drink too much coffee.

We're not taking questions.

I have once been to Kyoto.

I assume you have a passport.

I thought Brender might actually do it.

John came running into the room.

This is not my problem.

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He tried to keep dry as best he could.


I sent her a note.

Gerard is going to propose.

It is better to do well than to say well.

Why did you come this early?

I didn't put it together.

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There's a defect there.

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Banish this sorrow from your heart!

Bernie tried putting on the coat.

We narrowly missed the accident.

Are you sure you have enough cash?

He's not quite satisfied.